"In face-to-face communication with others, 55% is visual (body language), 38% is tone of voice, and the remaining 7% are spoken words."
- ALBERT MEHRABIAN (source for statistics)

Interpersonal Development

Most people forget that failure to communicate properly can cause confusion, anger, frustration, and even roadblocks in your personal and work relationships. In fact, many 'faux pas' in the workplace are the result of inadequate communication skills, yet the good news is that most of these foul-ups can be avoided. What is the secret behind successful communication? Words spoken shape not only your thoughts, but also those of others. Language can be strengthened to gain attention and respect. An understanding of the impact your communication has on others can propel your success in relationships with others.

This interactive workshop delivers practical tips on verbal and non-verbal communication, concentrating on voice dynamics, and an understanding of the power you hold to positively impact your communication with others. Ensure clarity of meaning, and learn methods to correct your ways for improved communication. Gain insight into your personal style to help effectively remove barriers with others in the communication process.


This workshop will help advance your understanding of the communication process to improve your relationships with others.

Who Should Attend:

This program is recommended for anyone who desires to gain knowledge, insight and practical tips for improving interpersonal communication with others, no matter your position, title or job function within the organization.

Learning Outcomes:

- To understand the communication process, communication barriers and how to successfully deal with them

- To understand your personal communication style to improve communication with others

- To learn the power of your voice (tone and meaning)

- To learn the power of positive language

- How to interpret non-verbal communication

- Learn to emote empathy

- Improve your active listening and use of questioning for clearer communication

- Learn to listen objectively in order to hear the real meaning of what is being said

- Discover tips on how to deal with difficult people

- Understand assertiveness and the communication process

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