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Sales Skills

The role of the salesperson has changed dramatically over the years. In the 1930’s and 1940’s the sales person was a presenter of information. The product was seen as more important than the client. In the 1950’s and 1960’s the concept of need-benefit was born. The sales person worked to discover client needs and then demonstrated how their products and services fulfilled those needs.

By the 1970’s many industries realized that in order to compete, their sales force had to adopt consultative roles with the client. The relationship between the salesperson and client was viewed as long-term. In the 1980’s and 1990’s this developed into a concept of consultant and "partnering with the client."

Today we still view the most effective salespeople as consultants to their clients, although the focus has shifted entirely onto the client. In this 2-day course, we will move even closer to the concept of "partnering with the client" by employing a truly customer-centric approach to selling. Through interactive exercises and role-plays, sales professionals will apply the learning initiatives taught to help them identify and satisfy customer needs not only to win the business, but to also help promote long-term customer relationships.


To provide sales professionals with a truly customer centered approach to selling, that will help them to increase their sales revenues, promote long-term client relationships and generate referral business.

Who Should Attend:

Seasoned professionals as well as new entrants into a sales career will equally benefit from this program, as it focuses on providing solutions which answer specific client needs versus selling product features or price alone. Anyone desiring to create life-time customers, and generate business through referral selling is recommended to attend, particularly sales professionals working within niche markets, or selling intangible services in a competitive marketplace.

Learning Objectives:

- A clear understanding of the consultative selling process as compared with other types of selling, e.g. transactional.

- An understanding of the relationship between marketing, selling and the consultative sales process.

- An understanding of the strategy behind consultative selling and why it is so effective.

- Learn how to build solid customer relationships to generate lifetime customers and referral business.

- Learn how to uncover and sell to different buyers' motivations.

- How to generate a winning client proposal, based on the customer's own words and/or phraseology to create impact.

- How to successfully garner information during a client needs assessment to construct a truly customer centric proposal, which will convince the client to buy.

- Learn how and when to ask for referral business.

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