Contact Centre Programs

What is the model for customer service excellence? Today customer satisfaction is expected, therefore it is nothing extraordinary. Learn to interpret customer perceptions and manage customer expectations. Increase your service responsiveness by applying proven techniques that build customer loyalty, create customer retention and promote long term client relationships. In this one-day interactive workshop, participants will review essential customer service skill-sets and learn a new process to elevate the ‘customer service’ bar to new heights.


Sales and Customer Service, or anyone performing a service or support function within an organization. Call Centre Professionals are encouraged to attend.


To understand how to deliver exceptional customer service by reviewing customer service fundamentals combined with employing new techniques.

Learning Outcomes:

- To understand the difference between ordinary customer service and customer service excellence

- Learn why your approach to dealing with your clients means everything

- How to create rapport naturally to put customers at ease

- To understand the relationship between customer perceptions and expectations, and how to influence this relationship to strengthen your client relationships

- Active listening and paraphrasing techniques to clarify meaning for greater service call efficiencies

- Essentials for telephone etiquette to ensure consistent call professionalism throughout.

- Tips on how to handle difficult customers and have them thank you

- Learn a process for greater call efficiency and call resolution.

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