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In Negotiations, Knowledge is Power
Selling Skills for Non-Salespeople: The best negotiators know that the success of a negotiation depends largely on preparation and how well you know, or can ascertain, what is truly important to all parties in the deal...
by Janet Ryan, August 25, 2005

Reading Between the Lines
Thinking Aloud Reading Between the Lines: Though great sellers often love to talk, we hope we made the point over the past few weeks that skills at listening may be even more important to effectively persuading others...
by Janet Ryan

The Master Facilitator Journal - February 11, 2003
Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life: Many of us, operating as personal and social change agents in the roles of facilitators, trainers, coaches, teachers, leaders, etc.,
truly have a passion for making a positive difference in the world, in the lives of individuals,
and groups...." Gregg Levoy.

Call Centre Management Association - 2003.
Agent Manager to Change Agent - The Repositioning of the Call Centre Manager in Today's Organization:"At a recent conference, I was most bemused to hear a speaker advise us to beware of our futures if..."- Angela Hunter
Contact Centre Manager, Barclays, June 04, 2000
Tips for Effective Coaching - Human Resources: "Executives, managers, and others interested in career growth and development increasingly turn to a business coach for a personally tailored development process....“Coaching is a different delivery system for training..." - Human Resources

Tactix, January 1999
Assessing the ROI of training: "If people really are your greatest asset, isn't it time to look at your training programmes as investments in your organisation's human capital and not just as an expense?" - Clive Shepherd

Recommended Reading
Personal & Professional Development

Don't Shoot Yourself in the Foot
: A Program to End Self-Defeating Behavior Forever, by Daniel Amen ISBN 1-56414-292-2

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, by Susan Jeffers, Ph. D. ISBN 0-449 90292-7

The Achievement Zone: An 8-Step guide to peak performance in all areas of life, by Shane Murphy, Ph.D. ISBN 0-425-15622-2

The Inside Edge: Thigh Performance through Mental Fitness, by Peter Jensen, Ph. D.
ISBN 0-7715-9154-3 (pbk), ISBN 0-7715-9154-3 (bound)

Secrets of Power Presentations, by Peter Urs Bender ISBN 0-9695066-0-0

Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends, by Tim Sanders, "The New York Times Best Seller." ISBN 1-4000-4683-1

Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing, by Harry Beckwith ISBN 0-446-52094-2

Selling to VITO (The very important top officer): Increase your Commissions by Getting Appointments with Top Decision-Makers Today!, by Anthony Parinello ISBN 1-58062-224-0

Successful Leadership: The Skills You Need to Succeed in the Business World, by Carole A. O'Connor ISBN 0-7641-0072-6

Leadership Equation: Leadership, Management and the Myers-Briggs, by Norma Barr and Lee Barr. ISBN 0-89015-684-0

Getting to Resolution: Turning Conflict into Collaboration, by Stewart Levine. ISBN 1-57675-005-1

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