Here is what some of our clients have to say:

Yvonne Krisko, Manager, Sales
CAA Insurance Brokers Inc.

“I really enjoyed the course. I loved the way Suzanne customized the material to include the skills we were already using successfully! Suzanne's training style is upbeat and included a sense of humour which kept the sessions interesting with never a dull moment! The role plays really made a difference in identifying areas of strength and opportunity. It was an eye opener!”
Brian Holmes, Division Manager, Automotive Services
CAA, South Central Ontario

"The training provided by Sue was outstanding! This course worked with CAA long term staff in dealing with the impact of changes within the organization. The interaction and presentation allowed staff to see and create new ways of communicating with our business partners. The co-ordination of this event with Sue ensured that "ALL" necessary components where covered in the program. Excellent training!"
Laura Tremblay, Account Executive
Black & Decker - Hardware Home Improvement Group

"The Time Management Workshop offered some very good ideas on how to further increase daily productivity and results. Overall, I found the material presented beneficial to my learning, and the instructor's level of energy and enthusiasm made the course even more enjoyable!"
Tom McEwan, Regional Vice President,
Global Service Providers, TELUS Partner Solutions

“The sales training presented key concepts and reviewed valuable skills fundamental to successful selling. The customization of scenarios and examples made the learning even more impactful, as it truly resonated with our sales executives who must compete in a highly dynamic marketplace on a daily basis. I highly recommend any of Suzanne's sales workshops!"
Lenore Edmunds, Associate Dean
School of Computing and Information Management
Sheridan College
Oakville, Ontario

"Suzanne worked for Sheridan developing and delivering curriculum for our 'Telecommunications: Contact Centre Management' program. Her content was informative, well organized and designed to challenge. Student feedback on Suzanne's performance in the classroom was positive; they enjoyed both what she had to teach and how she taught it. Her use of technology in the classroom and for the distance education component of the program was excellent."
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