Here is what some of our clients have to say:

Jia Kim, Product Manager
Sprint Canada, Toronto, Ontario

"The theory, case study and interactive role-play, including video recording of the role-play, enabled the students to immediately put theory into practice, thereby maximizing retention of what was learned. The content is comprehensive and current, based on real-life case studies. In this respect, the course is immediately useful."
Rob Gow
Communications Consultant
Cannect Communications
Toronto Ontario

"Thank you again for your sales refresher training course. It has been a while since I last attended a seminar that is intended to remind us of the fundamental techniques that are so necessary to succeed in today's marketplace. Your course outlined in logical, timely, and useful information that scanned the ABC's of Relationship Building, Time Management and most important, Listening Skills. Truly understanding your customer and their motivation will show to be the keystone of the sales process."
T.L. Thorpe
Communications Consultant
Toronto, Ontario

"From all the sales training I have been given in the last 6 years...this surpassed all. It has definitely given me the confidence to actually sell."
Paul Ryan, Dealer Manger
London, Ontario

"As Dealer Sales Manager for Cannect Communications, I am responsible for programs to help generate revenue for Cannect's alternate sales channel. One approach we have taken called for some unique training. Marketing and Training Solutions was able to put together a comprehensive and succinct session for one of our larger partners, and was able to convey the spirit of the alliance, while demonstrating the benefits to the company in question and their representatives who attended. Thanks for a job well done!"
Garvin Cole, Principal Consultant
Garvin F. Cole & Associates
Oakville, Ontario

"The role-plays provided a realistic 'real-world' example for the trainees. As a participant in these role-plays it was easy to 'get into character' and give the sales trainee a real workout. The overall process gave the instantaneous feedback that reinforced the lessons learned during the role-play. The instructor's friendly approach created a non-threatening environment that fostered learning and retention of the skills developed."
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