High Impact Clinic: Personal & Professional Development

Project Management

Team driven projects can only result in success if managed well. It is essential therefore to have a clear understanding of the core elements to good Project Management no matter the size or scope of the work. An introduction to team building and time management concepts and their interrelationship to effective Project Management will be addressed in this workshop. In addition common barriers which impede successful project outcomes will be identified and suggested remedies offered.

Time Management

Ask yourself this question; "how do I spend my day now?" Memory usually serves as a poor guide when it comes to assessing how you spend your time, and it is surprising to learn how much of our time is wasted and which could be avoided! In this clinic we will review a process for prioritizing daily activities that revolves around our goals and objectives. We will learn to recognize what is important/not important and what is urgent as it relates to our overall set of goals. In addition we will learn how to effectively manage time wasters that clog up our schedules and inhibit our progress both individually and as a team.

Goal Management

This workshop provides insight into understanding the human psychology as it relates to motivation, goal setting, goal failure and achievements. This program provides attendees with ways to reduce stress associated with trying to meet goal deadlines by offering immediately useful tips. Effective 'Goal Management' views goal setting and achievement from the perspective that all areas of life must be balanced and integrated carefully in order for true success to ensue.

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