High Impact Clinic: Personal & Professional Development

I.Q. versus E.Q.?

What is your Intelligence Quotient or your Emotional Quotient? What are your intellectual smarts versus your emotional smarts? Here is your chance to learn what your skills really are. During this workshop we will use and discuss several self-assessment tools to bring you insight into the skills you posses and opportunity areas you have for personal growth.

Stress? Mess!

Stress is a necessary party of life. Too much stress however can be detrimental to our well being. Both positive and negative experiences can induce stress. What is important about stress, is not that we try to avoid it, but rather, that we learn to manage it. This workshop introduces new techniques to help you recognize what your particular stressors are and how to manage them before they take control over you. Stress in the workplace, its impact on our productivity levels, and time management are just some of the topics covered.

Your Inside Edge

Your inside edge is how you choose to talk to yourself. Yes, you can choose what your self-talk is telling you. We all have a 24/7 internal dialogue that accompanies us at work and at home - everywhere! Here is your chance to make your self-talk work for you and stop working against you – quickly and easily. Effective and comfortable techniques are practiced in this session that can be easily applied at anytime.

Assertiveness in the 2000's

The assertive skills you have must evolve to keep pace with the new millennium. What are the assertive interaction tools and strategies you can utilize to communicate with impact? How can you better influence your colleagues and management?
Yesterday’s methods of self-assertion are not necessarily effective in today’s fast-paced world where a lot of our communication is no longer face-to-face.


Ever wondered how to think faster on your feet? How do acting professionals create on the spot? It’s not as hard as it looks – by design. This is your opportunity to work with the untapped improvisation skills you already have as well as learn some refinement techniques. Exercises are organized to give everyone a chance to get on their feet and get talking! It’s fun. Come and try.

Story Telling

Story telling is a skill we each use every day on-the-job. Whenever you are asked to provide a progress report or to provide any kind of update on the work you do – you are telling a story! We all tell stories - all the time. But some are remembered. Learn how to best speak or write your stores to directly respond to your listeners’ or readers’ preferences. Be heard.

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