High Impact Clinic: Personal & Professional Development

Dealing with Difficult People

In this workshop we explore how to effectively deal with both difficult behaviour of individuals as well as difficult client situations (internal and external). We will explore ways in which to manage our frustration level when dealing with frustrating people and circumstances. We will learn tools to apply for diffusing anger in order to produce harmonious results in our relations with others. In a nutshell we will cover different strategies in order to effectively deal with difficult people in a variety of circumstances.

Communication Skills Survivor Course

This interactive workshop delivers practical tips on verbal and non-verbal communication, concentrating on voice dynamics, and an understanding of the power you hold to positively impact your communication with others. Ensure clarity of meaning, and learn methods to correct your ways, for improved communication. Gain insight into your personal style to help effectively remove barriers with others in the communication process.

Internal Customer Service: A Survivor Course

When most people think of customers, they think of external relationships; clients are companies, and various organizations that purchase our products and/or services. This is not entirely true however. In fact, a more encompassing definition refers to client as 'anyone who we interact with in a professional manner whereby there is a reciprocity or exchange of service that ensues.' In this workshop we will learn the key components for customer service excellence when dealing with our internal customers (our colleagues) in order to foster more harmonious relationships and produce greater efficiency and results in our daily interactions with others in the workplace.
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