High Impact Clinic: Personal & Professional Development

Interpersonal Negotiating Skills

Improve your skills for negotiating with individuals and groups. How do you gain commitment for you ideas? Working collaboratively to achieve win/win situations. Learn and practice techniques to assist negotiations through different stages to mutually successful conclusion.

Conducting Effective Meetings

Learn the techniques and strategies necessary to run high impact meetings. Learn to identify the most common meeting pitfalls, chairing skills, managing in-meeting disagreements and uncovering undisclosed agendas. Enhance your meeting skills today for more productive meetings tomorrow.

People Management Techniques that Work!

What are the basic skills used in effectively managing people? What is the role of the manager in your workplace? Learn about communication styles and how you can best develop your team. Topics covered include motivational techniques, fundamentals of coaching and performance and management techniques.

Powerful Sales Coaching

What is the secret behind creating successful sales teams? How do you keep them motivated to sell? Most managers forget that sales teams require coaching to ensure ongoing success. Sales Managers and Leaders will learn to recognize areas for individual improvement within the sales process, and corrective action to be used. They will learn how to deliver non-judgmental, feedback and coaching advice for reinforcement of effective sales techniques for increased sales results.
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