High Impact Clinic: Personal & Professional Development

Leadership and Personality Analysis

Personality analysis can be used to understand the preferences of others that can help us to predict behaviour. It helps us to understand who we are and how and why we interact with others the way we do. This workshop addresses how self evaluation of our own leadership personality may help us to become more adaptable in recognizing the strength weaknesses and possible blind spots of others whom we are leading and/or managing.

Communicating For Success

What are you communication tools? How can we best use the tools we have at our disposal? Learn how to express your thoughts and ideas while impressing others. A revolutionary communication technique will be introduced that you can apply to control how you communicate for your personal success.

Presentation Skills: Openers and Closers

Do you ever wonder how some people manage to instantly capture and hold audience attention effortlessly as though magic? Have you ever attended a presentation that seems to end without an ending leaving you craving a summary of some sort for closure? Learn proven strategies to create positive audience impact at the beginning of any presentation as well as how to effortlessly bring your presentation to a brilliant closure.

Coaching versus Mentoring?

Coaching and mentoring are often linked together and sometimes mistaken for identical concepts. The essential difference between the two is the direction of the output. Coaching is about improving an employee’s performance at their current job (performance). Mentoring is about improving the employee’s qualification and positioning for upward progression in the organization. Quite often, but not necessarily so, the coach and mentor are the same person – the employee’s supervisor. The skills necessary to be an effective coach or mentor are identical. Most companies have informal and natural coaching and mentoring already in place. This workshop explores the skills associated with formal coaching and mentoring for progressive and effective management to ensue.

Conflict: Resolution and Management

Conflict occurs at the individual, team and organizational level. Most people deal with conflict by simply avoiding it. Successful conflict resolution means taking risks. It means creating an action plan to ensure conflict is resolved properly. This workshop explores the concept of conflict, reasons for its occurrence and approaches to managing conflict for resolution in the workplace to create a peaceful and productive climate among employees.

Leadership versus Management

Leadership experts assert that the 21st Century leaders need to be effective to deal with large and often frequent changes. The first component is competency referring to skills and knowledge; the second refers to character, such as unselfishness and decisiveness. Today successful Managers behave as Leaders empowering others to take initiative and responsibility. Learn the difference between the old style of management and the new concept of leadership that is now claiming the 'successes' in today's most profitable organizations.

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