High Impact Clinic: Personal & Professional Development

Professional Selling: The Fundamentals

This workshop provides an overview of the sales process leading into the heart of selling based on 3 simple steps for closing business. This program offers reliable techniques that when applied leave nothing to chance. Sales professionals will learn to qualify leads, determine their closing ratios, and to value propositions to capture the attention of any prospective buyer. This practical and interactive session is recommended for all sales professionals.

Strategic Selling

What is Strategic Selling? Simply put – it is about planning your road map to
success insofar as account management of a complex or long-term sale. It is about understanding the multiple stakeholders at various levels of contact within the organization and their respective motivation to buy. During this workshop we will overview the decision making process within a complex sale and review proven techniques that when applied will help to align us with our client’s needs so as to significantly influence the buying process.

Sales Mining: Prospecting for Success

Prospecting begins with an understanding of the sales process and the ability to identify qualified leads. It is a game of ‘seeking quality’ leads that fit into our sales profile versus a numbers game of simply trying to fill the sales funnel full of activity. During this session we will cover tips on how to create a successful prospecting campaign that will help us to discard unmotivated customers or those unable to buy from us. We will be introduced to the art of successful ‘sales mining’ for golden opportunities!
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