Management Skills

What is the difference between Leadership and Management? Are leaders born or created? The answer is simple; you do not have to be born a leader, as mastery of leadership is open to everyone! Leadership goes beyond good people management and delegation of work. Leadership is the ability to create a common vision that inspires and motivates others to be part of, and to realize such a vision through team effort.

In this one-day workshop participants will gain an understanding about the role of leadership in working to achieve a common goal or set of objectives. Concepts such as leadership operating styles, character, competency and leadership behaviours will be explored as well as teambuilding, coaching and mentoring to achieve team success. This workshop provides the foundation for a true understanding of what it means to become a successful Leader today.


To teach that true Leader's can be created and to learn what the key ingredients are for successful Leadership to ensue.

Who should attend:

This workshop is recommended for all Management and/or those who are aspiring toward Management positions.

Learning outcomes:

- To learn the difference between the concept of Management and Leadership in today's world

- To understand the competency (skills, attitude and knowledge) as well as character of a successful Leader

- To learn to take charge, take advantage and risk take

- To create a vision, motivate and inspire others to support and work toward realization of a vision

- How to facilitate individual passion toward achievement of a common goal

- To understand the relationship among concepts of teambuilding, leadership and empowerment

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