Sales Skills

Effective selling relies less on an outgoing personality and business contacts than the ability to communicate well and follow a logical process. This is not to argue that an out-going personality, good interpersonal skills and business connections are not valuable assets, but rather they cannot be relied upon solely to guarantee a sales person’s success. The bottom line is that anyone can be taught to sell, provided that they are motivated to do so.

This two-day seminar breaks the selling process into 3 simple steps covering key elements within each step, in a straightforward and interactive manner, focusing on the sales structure at the core. The course begins with an overview of the sales process, leading into the heart of understanding what selling is all about, with the focus on how to deliver relevant customer solutions versus selling on product/features and price.

The argument behind logic based selling is that if the 3 simple steps presented in this program are mastered, closing business should become the natural conclusion to any sales call. Objections are minimized and whenever presented, easily overcome. In summary, this course presents a simplified understanding of the sales process, offering reliable techniques, that when applied, leave nothing to chance.


To demonstrate and teach that you do not have to be born with an inherent ability to sell, but rather, selling can be taught as a logical process. The selling structure and techniques covered in Logic Based Selling will help sales professionals to increase their sales performance, and in turn, increase their sales revenues.

Who Should Attend:

This course is designed for a broad audience of attendees. Experienced sales professionals will be able to neatly fit their sales experience and previous knowledge learned into the Logic Based Selling template for a streamlined approach to selling, and to help re-focus and refresh their current methods. For attendees desiring to enter upon a career in sales, this program is ideal for establishing a solid foundation upon which to build.

Learning Objectives:

- A clear understanding of the logic behind the selling process based on 3 simple steps and the various elements within each step.

- How to deliver relevant client benefits up front to secure a customer.

- To understand the difference between a generic benefit versus a benefit outside of the box.

- How to successfully garner information during a client needs assessment in order to construct and present a solid client proposal, which will convince the client to buy.

- To develop and apply effective listening, questioning and probing techniques to illicit specific customer information necessary to construct a winning proposal.

- How to deliver an effective client proposal, which satisfies the client’s needs based on their own words or phraseology, extracted at the time of your needs assessment.

- How to avoid unnecessary objections to the sale, early on in the sales cycle.

- An understanding of the different closing approaches which can be used and when and how they should be used.

"To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge."
- BENJAMIN DISRAELI ( 1804 - 1881)
"Action is the real measure of intelligence."
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