Conflict Defined:
"Struggle to resist or overcome; a clashing of views or statements; a contest of opposing forces; strife; a battle; a state or condition of opposition; antagonism; discord; clash; collision."

Contact Centre Programs

We often paint difficult customers with one brush; they are unreasonable, time-consuming; unruly; disagreeable and a nightmare to manage. While this definition may be appropriate in some cases, it is far too narrow to fit everyone into. The truth is you may find a customer difficult to deal with simply because of their situation, not because of their behaviour. They may be fearful or reluctant to agree to a course of action recommended, thereby only appearing difficult. Even better, they may simply call to complain about a customer service issue still yet unresolved, hence justifying their irate tone. Are difficult clients and/or situations really that difficult to deal with?

In this one-day workshop we explore how to effectively deal with both difficult client behaviours as well as difficult client situations. We will explore ways in which to manage our frustration level as well as our customer. We will learn to apply a process for diffusing their anger, in order to produce a satisfied, loyal customer in the end.


To understand and apply different strategies in order to effectively deal with difficult customers and/or customer situations.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop caters to professionals in sales and customer service roles. Contact or call centre representatives will especially benefit from this program.

Learning Outcomes:

- Learn ways to manage your frustration level and that of your customer

- Gain insight into how and when a customer can become difficult to deal with.

- Learn when and how to avoid a potential difficult customer/situation.

- Understand and learn to apply a process for managing a difficult client to turn them into a happy, satisfied one.

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