Finally there are a series of 2.5-hour workshops designed to help today’s business leaders get the most out of the comprehensive tools in Microsoft® Office. Each workshop contains practical “easy-to-grasp” exercises which enable you to solve most business and communication related problems.

Our workshops are guaranteed to simplify the challenges of today’s workplace and to help you get more out of the tools you use every day. We are the only provider of results-based computer applications training that is focused on results – your results!

What makes our Workshops different?
Traditional Workshops Results-based Workshops
• Learn the fundamentals
• Learn enough to get by on
• Become more productive
• One-day investment required
• Learn the essentials
• Learn enough to get results
• Become more competent and productive
• 2.5-hour investment required

Our Workshops appeal to business leaders who work in demand-driven jobs. This includes anyone who needs to make presentations, write reports, proposals, prepare budgets, forecasts, etc.

What Workshops do we offer?
Workshops Offered
Microsoft® Excel

Microsoft® Word

Microsoft® PowerPoint

Microsoft® Access
Microsoft® Publisher

Microsoft® OneNote

Microsoft® Project

Microsoft® Windows

Who are we?

The Technology Coach Inc. is a Strategic Alliance Partner of Marketing and Training Solutions providing business professionals training about today’s business technologies and applications.

The Technology Coach is the only provider of results-based computer applications training that focuses on results --- your results!

For more information, please contact:

The Technology Coach Inc.
503-135 George Street South
Toronto ON M5A 4E8

Telephone: 416-464-9295

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