"What leads the leader is vision. Leaders see what's possible - the solutions, the victory, the sale, the opportunity and work to make it a reality."
"Vision is the stuff of our dreams. Passion is our energy to make it real. The two go together like a horse and rider. In the mind of one is the goal. In the other lies the means to get there."
- SHAKESPEARE; A Midsummer Night's Dream

Management Skills

What is the secret behind creating successful sales teams? How do you keep them motivated to sell? Most managers forget that sales teams require coaching to ensure ongoing success. Management's ability to create a winning team has a great deal to do with front line coaching than the actual selling process. Sales training alone will not magically create a winning sales team; coaching is necessary to ensure continual performance development.

Often a Sales Manager will step-in to save a salesperson from failing on a tough call. This is not coaching; this is your Manager selling for you. Effective sales coaching is tapping into a person's potential to ensure that they perform at their best. It is about helping people to learn to help themselves, rather than just teaching by demonstration. Sales people benefit from coaching because they learn to recognize performance gaps within the sales process and employ corrective action on their own. Coaching empowers sales people to continually self-improve, and to accept management's support only if required. Empowerment will lead to a motivated, self-reliant and productive sales professional.

This one and a half day combination lecture-workshop instructs Managers on how to employ powerful coaching skills and techniques to effectively diagnose and correct performance gaps within the selling process, based on a simple and logical Sales Performance Checklist. It teaches Managers how to understand and recognize areas for individual improvement within the sales process, and corrective action to be used. Sales Leaders and Managers learn how to deliver non-judgmental, feedback and coaching advice for reinforcement of effective sales techniques for increased sales results.


This course provides management with a process for effective sales coaching to quickly assess current roadblocks within the selling process for sales professionals, in order to unlock individual potential for improved productivity and performance levels.

Who Should Attend:

This program is recommended for anyone managing or leading sales people that would like to increase their employee's productivity and performance levels for greater sales results.

Learning Objectives:

- How to get salespeople to identify and accept their own weaknesses in the sales process

- How to deliver coaching advice in a non offensive, non judgmental manner for greater

- How to deliver feedback that will reinforce effective sales techniques

- To ensure coaching delivered relates to the problem

- To ensure coaching provided delivers practical advice based on experience

- How to use a Sales Performance Checklist to provide constructive and powerful feedback for individual improvement that can be measured

- Help sales people to excel by providing insight, awareness, sound advice to motivate them toward their potential

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