"Managers are people who do things right, while Leaders are people who do the right thing."

Management Skills

Teams are often short-lived, and usually form because of a single purpose or project. Teams are both efficient and effective and are known to produce superior results compared with individuals working alone. Many companies sign up for fun teambuilding outdoor survival or adventure exercises that encourage bonding among employees. Though the atmosphere is perfect as it is away from outside distractions, such activity is not practical for many, due to time constraints and busy agendas. Also, the team building spirit that arises out of such activity inevitably fails to sustain itself back at the office before long. How can powerful teamwork be created and sustained?

This 2-day interactive workshop looks at the very foundation for creating powerful teamwork, and methods to sustain such teamwork within your organization, to ensure peak performance of individuals on a consistent basis. As a Manager/Leader, you determine whether teamwork will succeed or fail based on your coaching ability to create a team oriented culture.


The emphasis for this program is to provide practical, hands-on management skills, techniques, and an understanding insofar as building successful teams within any organization. It is intended to provide a clear understanding of teamwork, the benefits, and how your position as leader/manager is the key to successfully creating and running a high performance team.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop-lecture is recommended for anyone managing or leading individuals that would like to increase their employee's productivity and performance levels. Sales managers, Project Leaders, Supervisors, or anyone working on a team, desiring to motivate their team members to peak performance are encouraged to attend.

Learning Objectives:

- An understanding of leadership, trust and essential behaviours of building trust

- An understanding of teamwork, team member roles and the concepts of leadership within a team

- How to create ownership and responsibility within your team

- The benefits of diversity within your team

- To understand weaknesses of teams and to identify those weaknesses on your team

- What successful teams have in common and how to re-apply these 'commonalties' to your team

- How to inspire individuals toward a common objective or goal

- How to identify your teams personality and to create a team oriented culture

- How to enhance work performance and personal fulfilment on your team

- How to shape discussions and encourage individual participation through team development

- Learn critical teambuilding and coaching skills to maintain your team's top performance

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