Interpersonal Development

This one-day workshop examines the elements for preparing and delivering memorable presentations that capture audience attention from the onset and sustain it throughout. Whether you are delivering a boardroom presentation or delivering a 'key note' speech, learn skills for effective communication of your subject matter so that your presentation truly resonates with your audience. Learn how to read, and interact with your and to engage their participation when desired. In this workshop, participants will learn a variety of skills which will then be applied in a practice speech they will prepare and deliver to achieve maximum learning.


To offer a winning approach for preparing and delivering a presentation no matter what type or size of audience.

Who should attend:

This workshop caters to a broad audience. Management, Sales and Training Professionals are encouraged to attend.

Learning outcomes:

- An understanding of the elements for a truly effective presentation

- How to prepare for delivery of your effective presentation

- Tips to overcome shyness and fear of public speaking

- The essentials of communication skills (verbal/non-verbal) when presenting

- How to read and manage your audience, including hecklers

- Presentation control techniques

- How to create effective openers to create interest from the onset

- Tips on use of visual aids for presenting ideas

- Powerful closing techniques to end your presentation with impact

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