"In telephone communication with others, 82% is your tone of voice, and the remaining 12% are spoken words."
- ALBERT MEHRABIAN (source for statistics)
"Looking for a place to sell that is not crowded with competitors? Sell at the top."

Contact Centre Programs

What separates an average sales person from an exceptional one? What are the trade secrets for selling more and on a consistent basis? When a sales person complains they have trouble closing the sale, it usually points to a number of common things: they are not dealing with the decision maker(s); they have fallen short on presenting relevant value to their customer in relation to their product/service offering or they fail to adequately deal with customer objections. As a result any attempt to close the business is premature, resulting in a halted sale.

In this one-day workshop, we delve into the selling process to uncover ways for overcoming obstacles to success, and practice essential skills and techniques to become more efficient at selling. Whether it is a one-call close or a complex sale, we will cover learning aimed at improving our sales performance.


To provide an effective approach to selling over the telephone aimed at increasing efficiency, and improving sales ratios.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is directed at all Sales Professionals who conduct business by telephone. In particular, Contact Centre Professionals who perform outbound selling campagins are especially encouraged to attend.

Learning Outcomes:

- Gain an understanding of the selling process and essential skills for success.

- How to by-pass the gatekeeper and get to the decision-maker(s).

- Learn the power of voice dynamics to create customer interest in what you have to say.

- How to present your product /service so that it offers relevant value to your customer.

- How to employ effective listening and questioning techniques to confirm customer needs.

- How to handle any objection and recognize when to employ various closing statements.

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