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Projects can only result in success if managed well. It is essential therefore to have a clear understanding of the core elements to good Project Management no matter the size or scope of the work. Such an understanding is covered in this one-day workshop, which introduces team building and time management concepts and skills, essential for successful Project Management practice. Participants will learn, then apply the core elements covered in this program, in a fun and practical case study exercise, to create an environment for realizing a commonly defined Project Objective.


To provide participants with a working knowledge on how to create an environment for successfully realizing a commonly defined Project Objective.

Who Should Attend: This workshop is designed for a broad audience of attendees, catering to those without a project management background. Anyone who is planning a team driven project or participating on a team project initiative is encouraged to attend.

Learning Outcomes:

- Understand concepts of Project Management such as SMART goal setting and the benefits and characteristics of a well-defined project.

- How to define the goals, objectives and critical success factors for any Project.

- To identify and deal with common barriers which may impede successful Project Management from ensuing.

- Learn the significance of Project Management concepts such as scope, time, quality and customer expectations.

- An overview of various Project Management tools such as Critical Path Analysis (CPA), Gantt and PERT Charts (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) and benefits for their application.

- Learn the phases of Project development (structure breakdown) and the necessary Project team skills required for success.
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