"Warning! Warning! Warning!
Personality analysis in the hands of inexperienced practitioners has been used as a weapon to eliminate people by proving them to be different. This course is about applying the theory to enhance performance."
"We're different; we're the same."

Interpersonal Development

An understanding of personality typing not only allows us to better predict situational outcomes, but it gives us insight into group dynamics and individual behaviour. A developed self-awareness of one's own personality type is the first step to understanding others with whom we interact.

In this half-day workshop, we will explore personality typing according to several theorists, notably Myers-Brigg, and discuss its usefulness as an instrument for providing insight into human behaviour. We will learn how such an understanding may be used to improve how we relate to and even lead and manage others.


To gain a greater perspective on how people interact with one another by understanding the usefulness of personality typing as an instrument.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop caters to a broad audience of individuals who are interested to gain insight into better understanding the dynamics of human interaction. Individuals in Management or aspiring toward Management roles are encouraged to attend.

Learning Outcomes:

- An understanding of personality typing according to several theorists

- Discovery of your own personality type according to several theorists

- How to apply personality theory to enhance individual performance

- How to coach, counsel and provide feedback to people more effectively having knowledge of their personality type

- Understand why personality type should never be used for hiring/promotions or the firing of individuals

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