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Course Descriptions

   Sales Skills
      Consultative Selling
      Logic Based Selling
      Prospecting and Managing Your Activity
      Trade Show Selling
   Management Skills
      Powerful Teamwork
      Powerful Sales Coaching
      Leadership Skills
      Conducting Effective Meetings
   Personal Development
      Feedback for Improvement
      The Effective Time Manager
      Goal Setting for Achievers
      Project Management Essentials
   Interpersonal Skills Development
      Relating to Different Personality Types
      Communication Skills
      Presentation Skills
   Specialized Training
      Professional Selling
      Managing Difficult Customers
      Successful Selling (RIBO accredited)
      Customer Service Excellence

High Impact Clinics
   Individual and Organizational Effectiveness
   Interpersonal Skills
   Interpersonal Strategies
   Individual Insight and Personal Development
   Sales Skills Development
   Management/Leadership Skill Development

Client Feedback

Strategic Alliances

Special Events & Programs

   Results Based Computer Application Workshops

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