"Out of the strain of doing, into the peace of the done."
"Nothing can be more useful to a man than the determination not to be hurried."

Personal Development

So many of us run around and at the end of the day realize how little we've accomplished; hardly having made a dent into our "list of to do's." A constant complaint we express is that there is not enough time to accomplish everything we would like to. Since time is finite the common sense argument would be to simply to find a better way to manage the time that we do have. We all know that this is easier said than done!

This one-day workshop provides attendees with a sound strategy for effective time management to help ensure maximum productivity each day. Effective time management tips and techniques are covered to help you to stay focused on goals and priorities according to your schedule. Avoid unwanted distractions in your daily life by learning how to say no when you should, and instead, follow through on your important activities in record time. Feel a sense of accomplishment, not frustration. Practical exercises covered in this interactive workshop will help you to design your own personal strategy for Time Management, by teaching you how to plan for efficiency and success.


To provide you with insight and assistance for developing your own personal Time Management program, so as to lead a more efficient and productive life.

Who Should Attend:

Sales Professionals, Project Managers, Management or anyone else faced with meeting a quota, tight deadlines, managing schedules or wishing to increase their general productivity level will benefit from this workshop.

Learning Objectives:

- To control your time instead of allowing others to do so for you

- Learn to recognize what is important with respect to your time

- Task management to complete activities which relate to your goals

- How to prioritize and follow through on tasks and activities

- How to time manage various areas of your life without becoming stressed

- Learn to focus on being busy doing the right things to produce desired results

- How to feel a sense of accomplishment by completing the right things on time

- To design your own personal Time Management strategy for everyday accomplishment

- To employ your personal Time Management strategy as a way of life

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