"You can interact with more prospects in 3 days at a trade show than you can in 2 months of field sales calls...98% of the time when an exhibit is rated as "poor," it is due to staffer behaviour."
"Only 5% of trade show attendees are 'power buyers.' They are a small percentage, yet they often bring the largest percentage of business."
- DR. ALLEN KONOPACKI, Chicago Illinois

Sales Skills

Whether a company's objective to participate in a trade show is to gather leads, make sales, introduce new products, build the company image, or simply maintain visibility in their marketplace; exhibitor presence is a great expense to their bottom line. So many companies invest money into trade shows, yet neglect to invest into training of their staff working their exhibits. What is even more disparaging is that many sales professionals consider working at a trade show a day off, or not a very worthwhile use of their time. By contrast trade shows are among the greatest opportunity to reach new customers and build long term relationships in the shortest time frame compared with every day business. Investment into training therefore becomes necessary in order to protect your company's investment and to ensure corporate objectives are met when participating in such an event. This half day seminar will educate attendees on how to tee up qualified leads, make sales on the spot, identify various buyer types, and weed out Tire Kickers to concentrate on Power Buyers.


To instruct sales professionals and/or other staff assigned booth duty how to get the most out of trade shows to maximize company return on investment.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone working booth duty at a trade show who is interested to increase their effectiveness at qualification, and building business relationships for increased sales results.

Learning Objectives:

- Learn how to gather qualified leads to sell to later on

- How to resist the natural impulse to make a presentation, but to qualify and listen instead

- To act like doctors and diagnose and treat versus selling on the spot

- Gain on the spot feedback about products and services for better qualification

- How to track leads for follow-up later on

- How to work as a team in your exhibit booth to maximize productivity

- To identify various buyer types and their needs

- Learn how to weed out Tire Kickers and to identify the Power Buyers

- Learn what serious trade show attendees want from exhibitors

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